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Official Visits 2015 - 2016

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Provincial Visitor

Werham No. 111

10th December 2015

Wy.Bro. G. Davie

Weymouth No. 180

22nd September 2015

Wy.Bro. P. Phipps

Shield of David No. 196

12th December 2015

Wy.Bro. C. Davis

Faithful Friendship No. 290

8th September 2015

Wy.Bro. G. Davie

St. Edmund No. 322

8th January 2016

Wy.Bro. A. Bevan

White Horse No. 364

2nd February 2016

Wy.Bro. C. Davis

Forum No. 392

17th February 2016

Wy.Bro. P. Phipps

Karwan No. 497

3rd October 2015

Wy.Bro. A. Bevan

Bridport No. 608

15th February 2016

Wy.Bro. A Bevan

Either the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler or his Deputy will make a visit to each Conclave for it’s Installation Meeting.